IMI Design’s Non-profit Contributions

Anita Lang believes interior design has the power to elevate the human spirit. With that founding principle, she established a non-profit organization through IMI Design. The Inspire Foundation, Inc., was established to share this powerful aspect of design with Arizona’s community and to encourage a sense of camaraderie and community awareness among other design professionals.

Anita Lang & IMI Design’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Anita Lang and her team at IMI Design believe that life is guided best by not what you receive but what you give. IMI Design is committed to sharing their company success in the local and global philanthropic community with a special soft spot for helping women and children in distressed situations. Using IMI’s own resources to champion various charities, Anita also collaborates with her talented colleagues, vendors and their design network to help supplement passion and participation. Below are some of the organizations the IMI Design has participated with philanthropically.

Inspire Foundation

Passionate about uplifting spirits through interior design, IMI Design created The Inspire Foundation to extend this influence to their community and foster camaraderie among design professionals. The Inspire Project unfolds in four phases:

Phase 1
Nominations: IMI Design and The Inspire Foundation gather nominations for community organizations needing design enhancements. A chosen organization receives pro bono design work, with IMI Design and volunteers assessing its unique aesthetic.

Phase 2
Student Involvement: The Inspire Foundation shares award recipient details with local universities like ASU, NAU, and Scottsdale Community College. Students submit remodel concepts, promoting ethical design and offering practical experience.

Phase 3
Design Review: Inspire Foundation members, IMI Design, and advisors evaluate submissions, selecting the most fitting concept. The winning student receives a scholarship and internship at IMI Design.

Phase 4
Implementation: Generous partners enable Inspire Foundation and IMI Design to realize selected designs, crafting inspiring spaces. IMI Design believes in giving for success. To join the Inspire Project, contact: