In a high-growth market like Phoenix, real estate options present design opportunities — and challenges

Does your interior design team speak pre-construction language? 

In normal housing markets, buyers look for move-in ready homes. But the post-pandemic housing market has quickly changed those expectations especially in high-growth cities like Phoenix, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas which top the list for fastest growing cities.

TD Bank recently surveyed home buyers and according to the results 71% of the participants were not looking for a dream home, instead, they’re shopping for one they can turn into their ideal residence. This can only be done with the help of a talented team of architects, contractors and interior designers.  

“When buyers become frustrated by lack of inventory, they often end up with a property that requires a good amount of work before it can be the home they envisioned,” said Anita Lang, founder of IMI Design Studio. “This is when finding the right team becomes critical to the overall success of their vision. Choosing an interior design team with pre-construction expertise is key.”

People often mistake the role of an interior designer.  “An interior designer does simply show up to add finishing touches on newly completed construction,” smiled Lang. “That’s not how you leverage a good interior design team.” 

To ensure a successful execution of a big remodel project, luxury or not, the homeowner should choose an interior design team that understands pre-construction planning. 

“Pre-construction services are used in the design phase of a construction project, before the actual construction begins. This helps eliminate costly changes down the road,” added Lang whose team at IMI Design Studio specializes in working with architects and builders in pre-construction and early design-build stages of the projects. 

Anita Lang and her team works together with project teams and homeowners during to review floor plans, offer architectural consultations, talk about the aesthetics and discuss opportunities to maximize use of space.

“Early collaboration is helpful in everything from furniture placement to planning for special finishes and electrical outlets,” said Lang. “It helps us, as designers, to ensure that a space works well for the people who live in and experience it daily.”  

Because Phoenix has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S., the Greater Phoenix housing market is extremely strong this year.  According to Zillow’s home value index, typical property values in the Phoenix / Mesa / Scottsdale Metro grew by over 32.4% from November 2020 to November 2021 and the supply of active listings stands at an all-time low.

“This means that more people are moving into homes that present a lot of construction and design challenges in order to be that ideal residence they had envisioned,” said Lang.  “Because of this, our team’s expertise in pre-construction and early stage design has been in high demand.”

According to Zillow, among the nation’s largest markets, annual appreciation was the second-fastest in August 2021 in Phoenix (31.8%). Only Austin, Texas, with 44.8 percent, beats Phoenix.  

According to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, Phoenix home prices continued to rise as a result of extremely low supply and above-average demand, with the median sales price up 28.1 percent year over year and 1.5 percent month over month.  

“It has never been more important to choose an interior design team that not only understands how to achieve the designer luxury look but also speaks the construction language,” added Lang.   

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