Did you see these surprising trends coming?

Luxury Lifestyle Experts Weigh in on Which Trends will Continue to Impact 2022    

Disruption creates space, but as the adage states, nature abhors a vacuum. Empty space is all that is needed to fuel creativity. Since the pandemic deeply changed how we live — especially when it comes to our homes, new luxury lifestyle trends emerged.  

Our team has been tracking the shifts in interior design trends. Anita Lang, founder and principal designer at IMI Design Studio in Scottsdale, has noted the shift from open floor concepts to multi-functional spaces. “While open floor plans with kitchen as command central for home can be very convenient, we saw families struggle to make this concept fit their new lifestyles,” said Lang.   

Having fewer walls allows for more natural light throughout a home, and can make it easier for traffic flow, but the open floor plan presented some serious drawbacks when it came to privacy, sound control, and avoiding a cluttered appearance.  Creative design solutions that didn’t impact the open feel but allowed for multi-functional space use were in high demand. 

Along with her team, Anita designed thoughtful spaces that allowed for privacy, while addressing multiple needs.  “It wasn’t about adding extra space or dedicating one space to a specific purpose, but more about finding ways to leverage existing space in a creative way so that family members can engage in multiple activities.”   

Our world has become so digital, no longer requiring a lot of dedicated spaces but more thoughtfully curated conversation areas and creative niches for activities.  

One of the foremost leaders in luxury home marketing and sales, Monica Monson, CEO of The Noble Agency has followed how the changing lifestyle trends have played out in luxury home sales.  “One of the most surprising trends for 2021 is the return of the home theater – big or small,” she said.  According to Monson, with more time at home, finding places to engage as a family and be entertained is so important. Watching movies is a classic way to spend time together and make memories. 

The top luxury features buyers in Scottsdale, and throughout the country, were looking for in 2021 were more flexible spaces with room to spread out, larger home gyms, two home offices and bigger yards.  

The most preferred interior design styles in Arizona included the desert contemporary and modern farmhouse. Most were light and bright but integrated both luxury amenities and a warmth to the interiors through woods and natural elements.  

For 2022, Lang predicts many of these design elements will continue to trend.  “This collective experience over the last two years has underscored for all of us the importance of our own private sanctums,” she said.  “Also we have had time to refine our values and priorities; I believe that this needs to be reflected in our personal domains in a meaningful way for the most soulfully rewarding experience.”

In her design work, Lang often sees clients become less attached to fads and trends, and instead put emphasis spaces that serve as mirrors of their respective journeys and individual values.

“As a designer, I encourage my clients to truly embrace the medium of interior design so that it uniquely resonates with who they are as individuals,” added Lang. 

This often means thinking beyond overused mass-made furniture brands that repeat the same Pinterest look for the masses. Instead, Lang and her team of designers at IMI Design Studio encourage their clients to embrace the power of self-expression and to let their space beautifully show the uniqueness of their personas.